Email Marketing

Email marketing gives your business the opportunity to make money even when you are not active with other marketing strategies. But to make it work, you need someone who can help you get your emails opened and acted on by customers.

Email marketing is the sweetheart of digital marketing.

It is what gives your business the opportunity to continue to earn revenue even when you are not updating your blog.

It is what you have when social media platforms change their algorithms out of the blues, leaving businesses scrambling to adjust.

Even if you are a solo business owner, you can travel the world and still have your emails making money for you.

For your email marketing to be a success though, you need to be deliberate. It is not just about sending emails to people on your list.

You want to send them emails that they will open, and take whatever action that you want them to take.

Email Marketing Service

Single marketing email: $150

Email sequence (up to 3 emails): $250

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